Who We Are

The Five and Two Community Outreach Corp

Our organization was founded in 2019 by a semi-retired former E.M.T., and volunteer minded grandfather of eight.

Who along with his wife Tina recognized the dire need to form a not for profit entity in the metro Atlanta area to help take up the slack of the other nonprofits currently serving the homeless and covid-19 affected citizens.

There is much to do and plenty of individuals awaiting their turn for relief and just having the essentials for everyday living.

Since 2010, there has been a 7.2% increase in the vacant housing units. Latest figures reveal there are 16,987,623 vacant homes in the U.S.

America is the most affluent nation on the face of the earth and no citizen of this country should be homeless, nor begging for bread.

Our mission is to provide transitional housing with the option to own for the homeless, or those whom jobs have been affected due to pandemics, my vision from the start has been to acquire trailer parks for our desperate and needy families.

Our mission is to bring help, hope, and relief to all in our community and beyond, to help those in need to recover from the negative circumstances and events in their lives. To empower and show them the ability to arise like the legendary Phoenix from the ashes!

The 5&2 was established to help facilitate the needs of all homeless people wihin our scope of service, especially families with small dependent children, as well as military veterans and those forgotten individuals of our senior citizen polulation

Looking into the immediate future, our goals for 2022 is to to acquire several acres of real estate property to implement a community campus for every age and interest!